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Natural Cleaning Options

Switching to natural cleaning options is an important part of creating a natural home. Natural cleaning options can save time, money, and reduce chemical exposure. Start your day off by any Nature Clean Products! They are free and clear of  Carcinogens!

Use a checklist for each room so that you can clean efficiently, or assign the jobs to children and know that they will be thorough. Here is our checklist.
1. Pick up everything on floors and move to appropriate areas.
2. Open windows for some ventilation or turn on an air filter if you have one.
3. Dust furniture with a microfiber cloth & wash any blankets or throw pillows
4. Clean lamps  & wash windows and windowsills with microfiber cloth.
5. Wipe down doors & door handles & mop floors with microfiber cloth

Products of the Month!

Glass & Window Cleaner, Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray w Lime/Tea Tree, and Tile & Bath Cleaner