Laundry Care

Doing the laundry shouldn't pollute your health!

  Laundry Care Products are made from vegetable based ingredients – not petroleum!

Ingredients for traditional detergents come from the petrochemical industry (the same non-renewable resources used to make gasoline). The detergents can contain suspected carcinogens, and ingredients that do not fully biodegrade. They may contain things like chlorine bleaches, optical brighteners, powdered enzymes and synthetic fragrances or dyes (even in some of the so-called “fragrance-free” brands). Some detergents may contain even nastier ingredients like ammonia, ethanol, napthalene and phenol.

Detergent residues on clothes and bed linens can be a source of skin irritation and lingering scents from these products can cause respiratory illness and other allergic reactions. Here’s a little known fact: Petroleum-based detergents cause more household poisonings than any other household product, when ingested by children.

In addition, Nature Clean Laundry Care Products are not made with castille soap and are therefore safe for cleaning cloth diapers and infant clothing*.

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*Nature Clean recommends not using any Fabric Softener on infant clothing as it may reduce the garment's flame retardancy.

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