Laundry Powder

New Look! Natural Laundry Powder

Doing the laundry shouldn’t pollute your health!

Our all natural, unscented Laundry Powder will help you get your family’s clothes nice and clean without leaving any petroleum detergent residue behind. It’s formulated without enzymes (severe allergens when in powdered form), phosphates, EDTA & NTA (phosphate replacements which are environmentally hazardous), chlorine bleach, synthetic dyes & perfumes, or optical brighteners.

Our low foaming formula is vegetable based derived from corn and palm kernel oil. It’s safe for infant clothing and great for High Efficiency top and front loading machines. Unscented and Hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin.

Helpful Tips: Not every load of laundry needs fabric softeners, bleaches, or specialty stain removers. If you have a specified laundry problem that requires extra power, then for best results (and the least environmental impact) please use one of our other laundry products in combination with our Laundry Powder.

INGREDIENTS:  Sodium Carbonate (natural washing soda), Sodium Chloride (table salt-promotes flowability), Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Citrate (plant derived natural water softener), Sodium Carbonate Peroxide (oxy based stain remover), Sodium silicate, Decyl Glucoside(mild plant derived cleanser), Zeolite(mineral based water softener/anti-caking agent), Cellulose Gum (natural anti-redeposition agent), Sodium Metasilicate (natural alkalinity booster)

Material Data Safety Sheet:

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